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Ordinary People

Hi bloggers!!! I’m a newbie in this blog world. It seems too late for me in my 30’s (still exactly 30 now!) to know and put interest in blog. Anyway, I was inspired by my two friends, or may be 3, that write blogs: Little Orange World, The Journey of A Little Pinguin, and Maru. It is really fun to read their story and random things they wrote. Actually, I already have this thought in my mind many years ago (not really many, only 5 years I thing). However, with my busy-ness (not business for sure) or may be lazyness the exact word to describe it, that will just burried deep2 down in my “crowded but nothing on it” mind.

I’m just an ordinary people with random things of hobbies, passions, and favourites. Eventhough it is soo ordinary off course in this blog I will make it extraordinary like what boondoggles means: work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value. Hopefuly, I really could realize this  vision (kind of burdensome >.<).

My personality is quite unique though. I’m introvert but however I want to make a blog and sharing my stories. I’m a half chinese who born in Indonesia. I’m not fluent in chinese, so please don’t expect me to talk or read or even write in chinese. I’m graduated as a geologist, work as a geochemist (what kind of animal is that? surely you don’t want to know it) but I like to do crafting and creative things . Hmm may be that’s where the creative word come from creative and things. Hahaha…

Just to let you know about my personality through my office cubicle, I share you a pic how my room looks like…

Two monitors work station with beautiful golf field scenery outside the window and batch of nick nacks display

Here’s for clearer few what kind of stuffs on the shelf:

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Anyway, lately my works makes my life really bored and I need something that will make my life more colorful. May be write a blog is the answer!!! Yeaaaay!!! Hopefully, I could consistently update it. Please forgive  for my broken english. Enjoy my boondoggles then… Hahahahahahaha… (#Crayon Shinchan laugh as Masked Hero mode#)