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Just Keep Swimming…

Who had watch Finding Nemo??? Okay, I think everybody watch it. You can put  your hand down. I always remember when Dory and Nemo’s dad (Marlin) about to cross ocean-full of jellyfish. Marlin afraid that they will get stung. However, his friend with “short-term memory loss “, Dory, encourage him (I’m not sure is he really brave or just don’t know the dangerous) by humming “just keep swimming.. just keep swimming.. just keep.. just keep..just keep swimming….”. And then Marlin follow Dory and try to think it as a game and have fun while they swim through the jellyfishes. Though they got stung at the end but at least they started and succesfully passed the jellyfishes. May be when  we watch it, it is  kind of funny, but actually have a deep meaning.  That’s oftenly happen to us when we facing the problem. Actualy, we don’t need to be afraid when face it.  What we need to do is walk through it and thinking it as a fun things. If we stuck or failed on our way there is our problem later, at least we start a step. Why I tell the story about it? There is nothing to do with my story today.. I just remember about  Dory tagline “just keep swimming”. hahahahaha…Becauseeee…I start my day with swimming timeeee…

This time I would like to share about how to do you exercise consistently. Here are some tips:

  • Do what you love. You can have any reasons why you love it. Beside of running, swimming is my second favourite sport. Why I like running and swimming? Because it is relatively cheap. I don’t need to buy a lot of things. I just need a pair of running shoes (and shocks, shirt & pants) and I can run anywhere. Usually, I will run around Gelora Bung Karno stadium, for freeeee. And for swimming I just need to prepare my swimming suit (and goggles, ears plug, and swim cap). But for this one, I need to find the swimming pool (I will discussed it in the next bullet).
  • Spent some money (appropriate amount) to buy your exercise stuff or register to sport clubs. It helps to push you to go exercise or you will think that you loss your money for nothing.  I was registered as sport club member in Atlet Century Park Hotel, near my office. It is only cost 2 million rupiahs for a year (since I got corporate price). It have gym center, tennis court & semi olympic pool. Let’s say I use it 3 times a week, it’s only cost 13,888 rupiahs per visit. It’s quite cheap than you registered in gym center. It could cost you 500 thousands a month, or ~41,666 rupiahs if you come 3 times a month. Buuuffff…soo expensive-laaah… Remember to use it as often as possible (just to satisfy your brain that you pay less by coming often hahaha…)
  • Fit your schedule. Since the facilities are on foot’s length to my office. I can go there before work, lunch time or after work. And I can do just like 30-45 minutes exercise at leasr, and another 30 mnutes for take a bath and walk back to office. So, I can consistently go for exercise and no excuse for being lazy. But I do my exercise mostly in early morning. Many people will get tired or sleepy if they have exercise in the early morning before work. But not for me, I like workout in early morning (except for my struggle to step out from my bed). I feel fresh and more energetic after work out. And it makes me have better concentration and focus.
  • Think about the benefit you get. You might already read a bunch of articel about benefit of doing exercise. But for me, exercise regularly could compensate my static position during working time. It will stretch the muscles and avoid me to get injured easily. Both running & swimming are cardio exercise, it could help you to have healthy hearth and vein. But I also hopes other benefit will come also (loss some weight pleaseeeee… TT___TT)

That’s all my tips. Sometimes it works but mostly not. Hahahaha.. Nobody perfect, but at least we try it. Never thinking you are failed if you quite. It just need another step to start over again. Just keep swimming.. just keep swimming.. just keep.. just keep.. just keep swimming… Who am I? Why I am here? #shor-term memory loss#