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Instant Bibimbap

I really like korean food and I like to try make it by my own, which is mostly instant food hahaha… (something that no need to brag about).  I have favorite korean shop to visit if I want to find Korean ingredients or any kind of korean food. The shop name is Mu Gung Hwa. It kind of convenient store that sell korean products (except gadget). Last time I went there, I bought an instant bibimbap. Korean people is likes Indonesian, they really likes eat rice. May be that’s why they have an instant rice product or ready to eat plain rice. So, wherever and whenever they want to eat rice they just need to go to convenient store.

Okay, let me show you my experiment with the instant bibimbap. You will find the crispy rice, seasoning, and spoon inside the box. Don’t forget to read the instruction in the side of the box. There are 2 ways to made it, by simply brewed it with hot water then close the lid for 3 minutes like when you make an instant noodles or you can heated up for 2 minutes using microwave. You need to pour out the remaining water if you just brewed it with hot water. It is not necessary if you make it using microwave due to the water is evaporated by itself.  Then mix up the rice with the seasoning and violaaaa!! Bimbimbap is ready to eat. You can add kimchi as side dish. From my opinion the taste is not bad, the rice really taste like a well-cooked rice. Make a try!