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Nostalgic Japan: Nara

Hai.. hai.. hai… Let’s continue my story in Japan. Nostalgic Japan Part 2!


On the second day, following the itinerary made by my friend, I visited Nara. Nara is another capital city near Osaka. You could reached it for ~1 hour by train from Osaka. This city is less modern than Osaka and have a lot of temple and shrine. However you could easily find the tourist information center  since it is a tourism area. The tourist came here usually are shinto or budhist believer that come for praying or pilgrimage. Here are some pictures from temple/shrine around Nara.

NARA Information Center for Tourist

The funny story in one of the temple (I forgot which temple), there is a hole in one of pillar inside the temple. The myth says if the person could passed the hole they will have their dream come true. I saw a lot of people try to pass it. The hole size is kind of small for adult. I recorded an adult try to pass the hole and ended stuck due to his big stomach. Hahahaha… Since I can’t upload the video, here are the snip of it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nara is a quite big area with a biiiig park also. In the park they released deers to life unrestrained. You could feeding the deers with the food that local people sells. They also have a lot of delecacies with deer shape. You also could find Japan’s traditional trisaw. The “oyaji” with ninja’s shoes will take you go around Nara park area.

After my legs tired walk around Nara, I get a train and went back to Osaka. I am spending my nite in Tsutenkaku area (Osaka Tower). It is remind me of Detective Conan comic. Finally I was there!!!  The Tsutenkkaku area is full of stores with decorative luminous lights. Pretty awesome if you come here at night.

To be continued…

Courtesy: Nara map & Detective Conan cover picture I grab it from Google.



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